For 2017, we will be available for adventures in the following destinations and dates:-

March 9 to 16 – Adelaide
April 1 to 7 – Kyoto
April 23 to 27 – Tokyo
August 5 to 11 – Bali
September 5 to 10 – Perth
September 16 to 24 – Iceland

We are also super keen to explore Ladakh, India and New Zealand, be it hiking, camping, caravan-ing! Do blast us a message if these are your kind of adventure. We have special rates for these two destinations.

August – Ladakh, India
October – New Zealand

We are also open to any adventures around the globe. If you have a location in mind that is not listed, come say hello and we’ll work something out together!

destination adventure pre wedding photography

Mountains and travel were our first love, and they have always been our fuel of inspiration since we backpacked Tibet and Nepal back in 2009. Some of our fondest memories were made during that trip, and it was where we first bonded together. No amount of words can describe the magical feeling of being out there; feeling small among the mountains and valleys, taking in the breathtaking sights and sounds, and experiencing different cultures. The interplay of light and beauty as we wander, those fleeting moments that goes unnoticed, and the dynamic interactions between people and the environment add to the wholesome experience.

perth destination adventure pre wedding photography

Throughout these years, we are really grateful to have the privilege of documenting adventures and celebrations in Australia, France, Norway, Sweden, Japan, South Korea and Bali. To be able to merge the beautiful human connections with the pure beauty of nature is something we look forward to create, time and time again.

We believe that taking adventures with your loved ones and making memories in places that speak to your hearts is a truly magical feeling that you can revisit over and over again. There is just so much to see, to discover and to experience. An adventure out of the hustle and bustle of cities is liberating; it allows us to forget about the daily grind, soak in the moments with each other, reflect, and create shared memories and experiences.

perth destination adventure pre wedding photography

We recommend doing a road trip wherever possible as it gives us all the freedom to see and explore more sights away from the city. It also allows us the flexibility to chase the perfect light during the golden hours, and the possibility of stumbling upon unexpected gems (photo spots) along the way.

You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way
~ Oh, The Places You’ll Go – Dr. Seuss 

“What can we expect from an adventure session (destination pre-wedding shoot)?”
Fun, memorable, and definitely good quality time to reconnect and learn more about each other (and us too!). There will be lots of exploring, munching, coffee breaks and surprises that pop up along the way. Our adventure sessions are pretty much activity based. Through a series of play and conversations, we seek to capture you in your most natural and authentic selves, where raw emotions flow, and quiet romance lingers, that speak volumes of your love for each other.

paris provence france destination adventure pre wedding photography

“How do we go about planning for an adventure session (destination pre-wedding shoot)?”
Planning for a destination shoot might seem like a tall order, but really, it isn’t! To keep things simple, all our destination rates include round trip airfare for crew as well as follow-through makeup and hairstyling by Yu Li. We would need you to cover crew’s accommodation and land transport for everyone for the course of the shoot, starting one day prior to the shoot. This would help to minimize any logistical challenges.

How do we decide on the accommodation?”
After deciding on the destination, we would work closely together to plan the itinerary and locations for the shoot – lots of photos and maps in the process. After which, we will search for accommodation favourable for the location and time of the shoot. We recommend staying together in Airbnb apartments, or in the same hotel or even campsites (or somewhere really close by) to facilitate makeup and hairdo for the shoot, especially during the early mornings. Also, we can chill out together, when we’re far out of the city!

So it’s a road trip, do we have to drive all the way?”
Typically, we only shoot in the early morning and/or late afternoon. The bulk of the afternoon will be time for resting/driving to the next location. To keep the pace light and enjoyable, we suggest planning locations which are not too far apart (not more than 4 hours drive away). Definitely, we can share the diving load too. We are professional racers in our previous job, so we will get us all to the shooting location FAST. Ok, we are just kidding on the last bit!

bali mount batur kintamani destination adventure pre wedding photography

“Do we need to bring our own bridal gown and suit and what about makeup and hairstyling?”
We suggest doing away with bridal gowns and suit so you can feel more relaxed, carefree and adventurous without having to juggle multiple luggage. This would also give us more flexibility and mobility when shooting, as we could hike up a small hill, climb over fences, jump on puddles, and run from the rain/snow! We feel that keeping your wedding gown for your wedding day also makes it more special and meaningful. However, if you would still like to bring along your wedding gown, we suggest keeping it small, slim and light. Remember, the focus is on you and your love for each other. Our recommendation: Dress up to feel special, excited and as if you’re going on your very first date!

We understand that our hair and skin do need a little perk-me-up. Keeping to the natural and organic style, we steer away from overdone and heavy makeup and hairstyles. Slight enhancements to the eyes, cheeks and lips paired with loose curls, messy updo or perhaps a tousled half-up work wonders!

destination adventure pre wedding photography

“What do we receive at the end?”
You will receive 200-300 edited high resolution photographs contained in a USB memory stick and a set of hand-cut matt prints, in a wooden keepsake box for storing and cherishing those beloved memories and adventures. As we believe that there’s nothing like holding in your hands all your treasured memories, all destination engagement packages include an 11 x 11 inch fine art album for the first 24 pages, expendable up to 40 pages.


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