Frequently Asked Questions

We shoot a limited number of weddings a year to make time for destination engagements / pre weddings and elopements, travel and exploration. That way, we can stay energized and inspired for all our couples. We believe in dedicating time to get to know all our couples and their story and focus our 100% effort on each and every one of you.

Yes sure, we love destination weddings! Our passports are always ready! Travel costs typically includes return airfares from Singapore, 2-3 nights accommodation and land transportation for the two of us. Blast us a message to find out more!

Yes, we do! We love exploring new places and are always up for an adventure, anywhere around the globe. Come get in touch!

We sure do! We both share the same creative visions and beliefs and are always on the look out for the unique and beautiful human connections and stories that make people who they are. We think we make a pretty good shooting team, complementing each other by balancing the play of light and composition with the subtle details and emotional complexities that unfold during your celebration. This allows us to share and gather images that tell different facets of the same story. By constantly ‘competing-among-ourselves’, we learn from one another and keep each other inspired and motivated to do better. They say, a couple who does things together stays together, we can’t agree more!

Yes, please! As with any human beings, we get hungry around mealtimes too, especially after being on our feet for 4-5 hours. We would be really grateful if you could provide us both with a simple meal during the usual mealtimes. We like to eat when the guests are eating or before the cocktail reception so we won’t risk missing the speeches or other important bits.

We recommend planning about thirty to forty-five minutes for your portrait session to allow sufficient time to capture you and your bridal party (if you plan to have one) as well as some quiet time alone with each other before your celebration begins. For the best lighting and cooler weather (especially for the Singapore climate!), we recommend shooting as early in the morning as possible, just after the sun rises, or in the late afternoon, about an hour before the sun sets.

We encourage you to get out of your everyday clothes or office wear and put on something that makes you feel amazing! A simple lovely dress for her always works, and for him, avoid t-shirts, polo tees and jeans if possible! If you would like to shoot in a wedding gown, we recommend keeping it small, slim and light for a more organic and natural feel. Remember, the focus is on you and your love for each other. We also prefer to keep the logistics simple and minimal so we can explore more beautiful spots and light together. A beautiful hand bouquet would be a nice to have if you like. Most importantly, bring your awesome selves and a good pair of shoes to walk in and we’re all set for an adventure!

Not at all, we aren’t into posing either. We have been on the other side of the camera and we totally understand how it feels like! We like to think of our adventure session as a mini adventure that you embark together, to reconnect with each other, and to create collective shared memories to reminisce in the years to come. Our adventure sessions are pretty much activity-based. Through a series of play and conversations, we seek to capture you in your most natural and authentic selves, where raw emotions flow and quiet romance lingers, that speak volumes of your love for each other.

Yes, we do. Over the years, we have curated reliable printers who can reproduce our images true to our screens. You can see more of our fine art albums here.

If you are located in Singapore, we would love to invite you both to our home studio for a chat over coffee. To confirm your booking with us, we require a completed booking form and a non-refundable deposit. The balance is due one week before your wedding date.

We believe that the post processing of every individual image is a significant part of our work, as is the capturing of images itself. The photographs that first attracted you to our work, and photographs you would receive are the result of our hearts and soul that goes into processing these RAW files.

All high resolution images in a USB memory stick, individually edited in colour (or black & white), together with a collection of hand cut matt prints, in a handcrafted wooden keepsake box which you can see here. We would invite you both to our home studio for a viewing session within eight to ten weeks (usually sooner) after your wedding or adventure session. If you decide to order an album, expect around eight weeks from layout designs to the delivery of the album.

Absolutely! We would love to have you both over at our home studio so we can get to know one another, and catch up over coffee (we make really awesome coffee!). As we will be spending a significant amount of time with you guys during your wedding day / adventure sessions, this will be a great prelude to our adventures together!

We like to keep things real (unscripted), and we prefer to shoot in an unobtrusive manner as best as we can. The human connections, and the raw, honest moments are what speak to us, and are integral to our visual story telling process. We also love to infuse these stories with a sense of place, atmosphere and mood of the surroundings and people dearest to you. We want you to remember all the love you felt, the joy, the laughter, the tears, the sweetness in your hearts, the butterflies in your stomachs, and the incredible feeling of being together.

We don’t have any tie-ups but do have a bunch of industry folks we recommend. They are bespoke craftsman and artisans whose style and work we love very much, and that we feel complements our photography vision.